Is this yet another automotive blog?

Yes, indeed this is yet another automotive blog. But you've already read everything on Jalopnik, Autoblog, Car and Driver, Road and TrackAutomobileBring a Trailer, and The Truth About Cars. So you mercifully decided to come here. Yes, even I'm surprised you made it through reading all of Jack Baruth's articles. how are you different?

We're not summarizing daily press releases. Yet. Or traveling to exotic locales, driving just-released cars fast while PR people are catering to your every whim, so there's actually time to write (unless there's a new Gran Turismo update). Though there may be a few lists. And maybe a road test of a new car or two. Or ten. After all, this is an automotive blog. Though none of those "forbidden fruit" lists. Everybody's done those. 

What do I get to look forward to?

At the moment, stuff like reminding you of cars that you've already forgotten from 10 years ago. Features that certain vehicles had that you didn't know. Me discussing cars that look beautiful, but are a pain to maintain. Things like determining whether automakers' press releases held up over time. Looking for proper 24 Hours of LeMons candidates. Book reviews. Road tests of cars that are 10 years old and over. Road tests of new cars once I realize anybody with a nice classic car is nowhere near daft enough to let me drive their cars. I'm like any other automotive blog, except I don't get press cars with the snap of my fingers. Yet. 

And if you underdeliver?

Typically, I offer a prize here for someone who sends or tweets me the best answers for something I ask about to excite people about Clunkerture by this point. However, since almost nobody wanted what I was giving away last time (literally, I only got one tweet about it; it must've been the easiest contest in the world), I'm holding off on doing giveaways for a while. That and I can't deal with that using the cheap horrid packing tape the USPS provides to seal their flat-rate boxes. 

I'm underwhelmed. Where can I complain?

You obviously have some questions, or more likely, suggestions. So e-mail me at or tweet at me